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    Atlas Materials has a Large selection of packaging systems to increase production at your shipping operations. 

    We have:

    Foam in Place

    • Speedypacker foam in bag systems: A high volume foam in bag system that is fast and versatile.  Watch Speedypacker in action

    • Table top foam in bag systems: A foam in bag system that is easy to use, compact and efficient.
    • Instapack hand held systems: Instapak hand held is a foam in place system that freely dispense from a from a gun dispenser for large packages or cushions.


    Air systems

    • Inflatable Bubble Systems: Our Inflatable bubble system is compact, fast and easy. It creates superior 12" and 24" wide cushions at 55 linear feet per minute. Watch it in action.

    • Air Pillow systems: Create 100% biodegradable air pillows at high speed. Small and compact. 

    Paper systems

    • Paper Void Fill System: Fill the void in your packaging to ensure safe transport of your items. Fast and efficient, this system can fill up to 20 packages a minute.
    • Paper Machine
      : The operator places the 24" roll of blank newsprint on the holder. He feeds the paper into the machine and turns the knob until it catches. He hits the foot pedal to dispense the crumbled paper into the box. He releases the foot pedal to stop the paper. He places his item to be packed into the box and fills out the box quickly with paper. The paper is a 30lb. basis weight blank newsprint. The perfect lightweight paper for packing and very inexpensive. Everyone knows paper is an excellent product for the environment compared to alternative products. Please call Atlas Materials for pricing information. Let Atlas do a pack cost analysis against you current packaging materials.
    Priority Pak system
    • This high speed packaging solution encapsulates products in a ready to ship protective pack.

    Rapid fill system

    • A unique automated void fill packaging system. This automatically inflates the bag inside of the closed carton.

    Tape machines.